Blessings of no Regrets

Biblical Blessings

      A friend of mine died yesterday. Truth is we were not close friends, more like acquaintances, but this young lady had a way of making one feel like she knew them for a long time. Very open and friendly. I am still surprised because it happened so suddenly but, grateful that she knew Christ.

 Her death has me thinking about my life especially since we were very close in age. I have been going through a ‘seemingly’ dormant period in my Christian walk. At least to outsiders. The battles I have been facing are many and they have successfully pushed me to a higher place of praise, prayer, thankfulness and overall closeness to my Abba, Father. However, those same battles have resulted in me having to give up most of the outward activities that people can look at and judge as the ‘fruits’ of being a Christian. I have questioned God about that and frankly the resounding answer is that He allowed me to use my gifts and talents in the past and if I was using them unto Him and not just for show, then I should be able lay them down for a season if He asks me to. I find as my acceptance of that fact grew, the more resillient I have become to the attacks of other peoples opinion and perception of my choices. I rather obey God than man. If I should die in this state of dormancy, I will face God knowing that I was doing His will.

God knew what it would take for me to get to where He is pointing me at this moment. Left up to me I would have rather still be in my happy clappy stage still trying to fit in and get along with individuals that were on their own journey and could care less about mine. It is critical that we realise that sometimes, just like the biblical example of Abraham and Lot, we may have to let go of close relations, before we can make the next critical move in life. On the other hand, sometimes we have to stop and fix some relationships before moving forward. the important thing is learning to be sensitive to what the Spirit is saying to you. Then whether your choices bring joy or pain, if you are sure you are doing God’s will, then one thing you can bank on is the blessing of no regrets.

The Biblical Blessings of Humility and Trust

Proverbs16:20(NIV) Whoever gives heed to instruction prospers, and blessed is he who trusts in the LORD.

Today I was just flipping through my Bible on my way to the book of Ruth when I paused at Proverbs 16:18, you know, the pride goes before destruction verse. It caught my attention because just last night I started listening to an audio book about humility and well as you can guess any good book about humility must also talk about pride. I was examining myself as the book instructed, praying that God will help me deal with any pride issue in my life. Sadly I was reminded that it had reared its ugly head yesterday in an argument with my husband. So when I started the book on humility that night I was certainly convicted. That’s probably why Proverbs16:18 caught my attention today. I read down to verse 20 and it sparked my desire to write this post.

 As I develop this website I’m keen at capturing as much verses on blessings from the Bible. Proverbs16:20 highlights one of my favourite keys to Biblical Blessings, ’trust in the LORD’.  I intend to do a full article on that key on the website, but for today I just wanted to share my thoughts on this verse itself. At first glance the verse looked just like a sentence displaying two different concepts but, as I read over it again, I couldn’t miss the relevance of the link between heeding instruction and trusting the Lord. The best instruction we can get is from the Lord but even when it comes to biblical instructions sometimes giving heed to it is a struggle. For me I think that struggle points at an issue of trust. I believe I trust the Lord but why didn’t I trust him enough to heed the instruction He sent through a verse linking pride with contention yesterday morning and just let a simple issue slide instead of pressing my point to the edge of an argument by afternoon. Had I heeded what I now consider a prior warning I would have had a totally blessed day with my husband rather than putting a damper on our day. Yes we forgive and move on but it’s so much better not to let my pride hurt another person’s feeling and get me into negative emotions. Being aware of the effect of that relatively simple issue and learning the lesson that comes with it can help me avoid falling into a bigger pit when faced with other more serious issues.

 Now do you understand why I got sidetracked on my way to Ruth? I’m sure glad the Holy Spirit alerts me to correction. My aim is to totally trust God and obey quickly and whole heartedly the instructions found in His Word.  This is certainly a key to blessings and prosperity.

 Now you, think about a time when you can recall reading a scripture or hearing a sermon that you later realised was a ‘heads up’. Did you trust God in the critical moment and heed the warning? What lessons did you learn?

I’m on this journey to obtain all the promises of blessings I’m given through Christ. What about you?

I must begin

Tonight I’m once again changing settings and other background stuff on my new site. The nagging thought on my mind however is simply, “time to begin”. I’ve wanted to start my own website for, hmmm, years now. Procrastination have been an unwelcomed companion. Time to end that relationship. I want so much to share with others what I’ve been learning as I examine the promises afforded us when we receive Christ as our Saviour.

This is a learning process for me but I know that there is always someone else seeking the same information that I am and would benefit from my search results and help me on my journey. I know I am blessed and God is on my side. I’m convinced He has been sending all the help and information I need to get things going. Yet I’ve wasted so much tears when the answer was just a prayer away. As a  matter of fact, sometimes the answer was already provided, I just didn’t realised that I had it. Even tonight when I encountered a snag, I just ran through some stuff I had in favorites and there was the answer, waiting patiently on me.

I love the Lord and I know He loves me. He loves you too. Have you accepted His love?