I Trust You Lord

Some days life can become overwhelming. It seems like things are spinning out of control and you want to press the pause button just to catch your breath, but there is no letting up. It’s in times like these when the enemy seems relentless. Not only are things going awry but it seems like your mind is a battlefield and being bombarded with negative defeating Photoxpress_8150434[1] thoughts. They challenge you, press you, question your faith, wake you up at night, make you want to stay in bed in the morning. What do you do? I turn to God’s word.

As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the LORD is tried: he is a buckler to all them that trust in him. 2 Samuel 22:31

I’ve been having those days lately and actually I was blessed after being woken up in the wee hours of the morning. How was I blessed? Well I have learnt to turn things over to God and if they refuse to go, it’s amazing what prayer can do, especially in the quiet of the pre dawn. God gave me clarity, corrected me, comforted me. I also have found relief in praising God in the night when sleep evades me. You don’t have to even sing out loud and wake your spouse, just start praising God in your mind, reflect on Him, His power, the privilege you have in serving Him. Think about all the things He has already done.

So I made it through the night and then the attacks started again in the rush and business of the day. The enemy used an old tactic that tend to get me down, memories of being slandered, lied to, lied about, of rumours that made their way back to me and the times when defending myself only resulted in further pain. The attack was fierce but once again I remembered although those things did happen and were excruciatingly painful, I can’t help but see God’s goodness to me. He held me up, when I didn’t feel strong enough to face those who chose to feed on the lies being told about me. He kept me going even when there seem to be no one willing to hold out a hand to me, but many ready to ‘sweetly’ taunt me. He gave me a smile when I just wanted to lay down in the dirt and cry. I’m still here today because God had mercy on me. Some of those situations are still unresolved but God has built me up so that I can trust Him with my defence. Even though I did shed a few tears today, I found myself singing His praises once again. There are some things I would have never learnt about God had I not gone through what I have. At the end of it all I can truly say, “I trust You Lord.”

What about you? Have you ever have your faith shaken by seemingly strange situations and pressures of life? I’ll encourage you to trust God. Indeed He doesn’t always remove the painful circumstances right away, but who else can do for us what God can? That’s a question we should ask ourselves often. Is there anyone or anything that can compare with God? Has God changed, or has He abdicated His throne? Never will and therefore no matter what life, our flesh or the enemy of our soul may throw at us, we must trust God. It is up to us to choose to trust, no matter how overwhelming our emotions or the circumstances are. I’m fully aware that is easier said than done but it can be done, the choice is ours.

I’ve shared some of the things that have helped me and strengthened my ability to trust in the face of adversity, personal attacks and the throes of life. I want to point them out clearly, for I believe though the solutions to our many and varied problems may differ, there are common things that can keep our trust and hope alive until relief comes.

  • Payer, yes call on God at anytime, about anything. You can empty yourself before Him knowing He is not like man to misunderstand you and use what you tell Him as conversation material with others. Ask Him for wisdom, strength, help to hold on.
  • Get in His Word. Too many of God’s children are depending on someone else to read the Bible for them and tell them about God. If you have the ability and the freedom to read the Bible, read it and get to know God for yourself. I can warn you, today I’ve listened to one too many skilled orators take the Word of God and use the portions they need to manipulate others. Get the Word inside of you.
  • Sing praises to God. Yes you don’t have to be the greatest singer. Get a song in your heart, make up one if needs be, about the goodness of God. Remind yourself of the things He has already done for you or read about His exploits and wonderful deeds and speak them out loud.
  • Read or listen to material that help you learn to strengthen your mind, like Joyce Meyer’s Battlefield o the Mind.
  • Trust that He will help you. Keep expecting. He will come through.

Be Blessed!


Heavenly Father, thank You for coming through for me so many times. Thank You for that You have in so many ways revealed Yourself to us. Today I ask You to reach down to those who are facing so much pressure in life that their faith is shaken. Let them not give their minds over to the taunt of the enemy. Help them to exercise their will to trust You over their emotions. Come through for them today Lord, or remind them that Your strength is made perfect in their weakness and You draw near to us when we draw near to You and You are a very present help in times of trouble. Give them Your peace in the midst of their storms. Thank You for hearing and answering Lord. In Jesus Name.

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