About Us

Biblical BlessingsThe Holy Bible is a treasure chest of truth. In Galatians chapter 3 we are told that those who have faith in Christ Jesus are blessed and not just simply blessed, but specifically blessed with the blessings of Abraham. Abraham is the great patriarch that God gave the promise of the Seed through whom all the nations of the world would be blessed. Yet, many Christians read Galatians 3, and are yet to experience all that Abba Father has promised us.

This website is therefore to chronicle the search through prayer and  scripture for the answers as to what is this ‘blessing of Abraham,’ and why are so many believers in Christ not experiencing blessings of biblical proportions. If our blessings have already being bought and paid for and given to us, where are they? Or what are they? Have we been living in the blessings and not realising it because of our own mistaken expectations?

You do not have to agree with everything written here. My prayer is that you will discern what is relevant for your life and that you will seek God’s direction and specific purpose for you.

Are you ready to search with me? I will share all I can uncover and together we can aim to live in the blessed life Jesus died for us to have.

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Be blessed.